JPNZ Nissan Figaro AT 1.0 / MA10ET 1991 on

Nissan Figaro (import) Maintenance guide and Workshop manual, AT 1.0 / MA10ET, 1991 on

A cult classic!


Nissan Figaro 1991 on
Model : AT 1.0
Engine : MA10ET

This vehicle has already become a cult classic and now there's an English language maintenance / repair / workshop manual that we, at AutoBooksDirect, are pleased to be able to supply directly to you.

Produced by the well respected JPNZ translators / publishers, this easy to read, yet comprehensive book is A4, card-backed, 201 pages and takes you through the many aspects of looking after your pride and joy, giving you peace of mind in all areas of operation, including :

    • Nissan Figaro overview
    • General maintenance
    • Engine mechanics
    • Engine lubrication
    • Transmission lubrication
    • Cooling system
    • Front axle and suspension
    • Brakes
    • Steering
    • Heater and air conditioning
    • Soft top maintenance
    • Troubleshooting section
    • and more ...

No Figaro owner should be without one!

(does not contain wiring diagrams).