Fiat Ducato 1.9/2.5 diesel/TD (1982-1993)

Fiat Ducato / Citroen C25 / Talbot Express / Peugeot J5, 1.9/2.5 diesel/TD, 1982 to 1993
Fiat Ducato, Citroen C25,
Talbot Express, Peugeot J5
1.9 & 2.5 diesel / turbo diesel (belt driven)
DB9 (XUD) and U25/661 - U25/673 engines
Vans & Campers
1982 to 1993
A5, 200 pages, with detailed description of removal, installation, adjustments, repair, overhaul and servicing of all the major vehicle parts, (except body), including the engine, bosch and roto diesel fuel injection system, clutch, brakes, steering, transmission, (except overhaul), front & rear suspension and engine electrics, with exploded views and complete technical data and wiring diagrams.